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"The first picture was taken before I started using the jelly and the second picture was taken after using the jelly five times 7 drops each time. The time line from first pic to the one I took today is 30 days give or take a day or 2. After 1 full bottle of Immortality. Pics are raw ie: no filter/no mods"

"Real age 47. Feeling and looking 27!"

The "Immortality" Formula

A powerful elixir that helps the user obtain a much more youthful appearance and physiology, through cellular regeneration.

Listen to Creator and Co-Founder, Adam Suzman, explain exactly how this life-changing technology works

A biochemical message of regeneration is captured from the “Immortal Jellyfish” Turritopsis Dohrnii. This information is then imprinted into the immortality tonic. To make it work on all living organisms, the message has been amplified and altered slightly through a special process.

This is the first-step product in the Immortality series. It, therefore, amplifies the Immortal Jellyfish at one level. The formula contains information codes to regenerate all cellular structures and one’s Life Force. The result is younger, healthier cells, tissues and organs

Many people report better health and libido, faster hair growth, healthier skin, ease of digestion, greater kidney function, and improved circulation

User Reviews


She Tried Many Other Methods With No Results

Even longstanding pain often disappears as cells and tissues return to a more youthful, resilient, and undamaged state!


54 Year-Old Bounces Out Of Bed Now

A major figure in the holistic wellness industry for over 20 years, Robyn was amazed by the powerful, ongoing surge of Energy she felt after just one dose.


Tapped Back Into Youth And Possibilities

This user began to use Immortality with a bit of skepticism, yet open to the unknown. He was soon shocked by the incredible results achieved!


Powerful results After One Dose

This amazing user immediately felt the Energy rush, followed by expanded creativity, a sense of ease with Life, and the feeling of emotional baggage melting away


Alexandria Was Blown Away By The Results

This enlightened user quickly found herself joyful, filled with enormous amounts of energy and feeling decades younger than before.

There is also the cumulative effect of superior inter-system functionality, more youthful biochemical structures and better fluid exchange.

There has been an enormous amount of positive feedback for this product. Users also report improvements in energy, detoxification, insulin and thyroid function, even a better tolerance for alcohol. This implies that the individual’s liver has gotten stronger.

Now the older we are, the longer the journey is back to an age we feel most comfortable with. This is the “Sweet Spot.” It is where we can perform any needed task, without physical impediment.

Immortality has been created in a series of 11 potent elixirs. The idea behind this is that we take one until the body acclimatizes to its frequency. We then progress to the next version.

Remember, we are actively telling the body to override its core programming, which moves towards aging and death. Therefore, we must continually deliver this message to the organs, cells and tissues.

By doing this, we can prevent the normal processes of old age, death and diseases from aging. Simply start with the first “Immortality” elixir, which you can purchase down below.

Why should you try Immortality?

See what results YOU can achieve, experience the changes yourself. Then decide how to move forward from there. I look forward to your success story!

  • With immortality, aging begins to reverse quickly. It sends a powerful message to our cells telling us to return to our youthful state. People report increased youthful vigor, improved skin tone, thicker hair, fewer wrinkles, better circulation, less joint pain, and a more positive attitude.

  • It takes only a few days for all these effects to become apparent. Taking more immortality formula doses, over time, leads to better results.

  • Due to the fact that you are returning to a younger version of self, the effects are considered permanent. The cells, however, take some time to catch up. It does not take more than a week for major effects to manifest and a day is the minimum.

  • The body also spits out some old memories that are stored in the tissue as it heals itself and clears old cells. It is therefore possible to have flashbacks of the past and youthful innocence.

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  • Lasts about 1 month
  • Effects are often noticed in days


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Experiences of our users

Samantha Millar

Physically my health is restored by at least ten years and the way damage leaves my knees lately is far more gentle.

I feel pipes opening up in my stomach that had blockages and the root of my digestive disease being cleared - my circulation and blood flow hasn’t felt this good since 2002 😀

Diana Rose

“I continue to be amazed and delighted by the process of regeneration with Immortality. I am absolutely blown away by the gum regeneration I’m seeing from taking Immortality over the past 4 1/2 months.

Will keep you all posted as I’m in this for the long-haul!

Joy Naseath

“More news on the Female front, my New Immortals Community. Again, at age 65, I have now had my second period (menstruation) now into my 5th bottle of Immortality. My first period (at age 65) was about 4-1/2 weeks ago.

Both were very light and had the same process: I felt my ovaries activate and then about 10-ish days later I started my period. (Very light as things go for women)

I love the New system community... thank you so much to the team!

Ulrike Borgenheimer

After the last operation my wounds wouldn’t heal because my albumin levels were so low.

That is when I introduced immortality...and what can I say...it has worked miracles!

It started with increasing my energy levels. I all of a sudden felt like I actually had energy that was going through the roof! Day by day, with daily Physio and immortality I have now regained full function of both ankles again! I am back to even jumping on them!

Adam Linberg

I Skype called my mum no filter no tricks never mentioned that I was on any jelly drops or any such potions.

No hints or leading her in any way and also knowing that she sees me on a daily out of the blue she just complimented me on how young I was looking and how good my skin was looking and asked me why that was so.

Steven Bartlo

Briefly, shortly after Immortality was created and made available I discovered a rather large spot of BSC on the crown of my head. I know it was BSC because I had a similar spot removed from my forehead a couple of years earlier.

I began treating it with Immortality mixed with olive oil. After initially flaring up within two months it scabbed over and fell off. It took some time but eventually that spot returned to fresh healthy skin without any scar even.

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